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Travel doesn't feel like it used to this year and might never be the same again. We have more to consider than ever before, including border closures, travel requirements and restrictions and new in-country protocols all designed to ensure visitors and locals stay as healthy as possible.

This COVID Travel Guide is designed to make travel planning easier despite ever-changing news around the world. For a limited time, get the COVID Travel Guide at a reduced price when you purchase presale from now until Friday, November 20th at midnight!

What's Included

Country specific travel restrictions Requirements

US State Department Travel Warnings

In-country COVID specific protocols such as temperature checks 

Weekly updates sent direct to your inbox (with one-time subscription purchase)

All travel details of ALL countries that are open to US Citizens at time of publication (updated weekly)

All guides (regular and PRESALE) will be emailed Friday, November 20th at midnight!

This guide is for you if:

You find yourself unsure of where to start when planning travel at this time.

You don't know what you need  to know in order to travel right now.

You are a travel planner and want a one-stop guide to keep you in the know about current travel trends.

Sneak Peak of What's Inside

*Every guide purchased before November 20th at midnight comes with a 1:1 Dream Vacation Consultation. Let's dream a little and plan that bucket list trip, for now or later! Your consultation will look something like this:

  • We will coordinate to meet for one-hour.

  • You let us know before our meeting what destination(s) you have in mind and why you want to go there/what would make this trip special.

  • We design a fully-custom Dream Vacation itinerary.

If you're waiting for the right time, it's now.

All guides (regular and PRESALE) will be emailed Friday, November 20th at midnight!


If I buy the presale, when will I get my COVID Travel Guide?

The COVID Travel Guide will be available on November 21 after midnight. If you purchased at the presale price, you will get an email with the digital file (.pdf) at that time.

What day of the week can I expect the COVID Travel Guide to be updated?

The COVID Travel Guide will be updated every Sunday evening. Expect the updated guide every Sunday before midnight straight to your inbox.

What can I expect from the weekly updates?

Any changes to border openings, travel guidelines or safety protocols will be updated in the COVID Travel Guide every week. 

Is the COVID Travel Guide for travelers outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, due to the strict guidelines relating to US Citizens traveling abroad, the COVID Travel Guide will ONLY have information regarding travel for US Citizens at this time.

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