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Flyy Family is a luxury family retreats and vacations company specializing in whole family experiences. When you book a Flyy Family retreat or vacation, you can rest assure that your every need will be met and every person in your family has been thought of. Our company prides itself on ensuring our clients' and retreat attendees' complete peace of mind.

Does it feel impossible to plan the perfect family vacation?

Do you feel disappointed that all of your time planning was for nothing?

Do you wish that someone else would take care of every detail?

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Planning and organizing your family vacations don’t have to be overwhelming or disappointing. You can take a vacation with your children and not feel like you need a vacation… from your children! You can explore the world and have one-of-a-kind experiences together with your family and all you have to coordinate is getting from home to your destination.

“Our family trip to Europe arranged by Ashley was a once in a lifetime dream fulfilled. Everything from start to finish was excellent. Thanks Ashley!”


Tropical Beach

Cancun, Mexico

March 22 - 27, 2021

About Flyy Family

Flyy Family Luxury Retreats was founded by Ashley Onadele, a traveler, a mother, and a wife. She decided to start a family under one condition: to keep traveling. She wanted it all even though she wasn’t actually sure if it was possible. She didn’t know how different traveling with a baby would be vs. traveling solo or with her girlfriends or just with her husband. She was relieved to find out that not only is it great traveling with babies and kids, but she actually really enjoyed it!


Ashley plans trips for other people similarly to how she plans her own. By making sure that there is something for every person in your family, Flyy Family Luxury Retreats guarantees that each person walks away with an unforgettable memory. With experience and insight being both a traveler and travel advisor, Flyy Family Luxury Retreats can plan epic trips without the frustration, confusion, and overwhelm. From suggesting that you see the Eiffel Tower at night under the lights to exploring Egypt by Nile river cruise, Flyy Family Luxury Retreats bring travel dreams to life.

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It’s time to treat yourself by letting us handle the details of your next family vacation. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines drooling over other people’s travel adventures because you can’t or don’t want to leave your family behind. Take the first step towards vacations done right. 

Are you ready for the family vacation you deserve?